Opel Ampera 1.4i 2015 - Specs of wheel sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims

Standard wheel sizes for Opel Ampera 1.4i 2015

Opel Ampera 1.4i 2015.
Table of standard and suitable rim sizes for Opel Ampera 1.4i 2015.

Not all wheels will fit all cars!
Understand wheel diameter, width, offset, bolt fitment and centre bore before shopping for wheels.

Bolt pattern parameters are usually called PCD:

  • LZ (Bolt holes, Lugs)
  • PCD (Bolt Pattern or Bolt Fitment)
  • ET (Wheel offset)
  • DIA (Central bore)
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Sizemywheels.com Opel Ampera 1.4i  2015

Make / model / modification Year Wheel marking Wheel
Bolt pattern
Center Bore
or Alternate
Opel Ampera 1.4i 2015 6.5Jx16 5/115 ET41 d70.3 6.5 16 5X115 41 70.3 OEM wheels
Opel Ampera 1.4i 7Jx17 5/115 ET38 d70.3 7 17 5X115 38 70.3 OEM wheels
Opel Ampera 1.4i 8Jx18 5/115 ET46 d70.3 8 18 5X115 46 70.3 Replacement